Plant Yard Farm

Welcome to our Christmas Tree Yard!

Tree Yard
Our tree yard, in our plant yard area, is now open for business! Stop in and browse our beautiful selection of Christmas trees during our stores regular open hours.  We also sell wreathes that can be customized for any holiday occasion, greens and grave blankets. 

Real Tree Care
A few simple tips will enhance the enjoyment of your Christmas tree and keep it fresh and fragrant through the holiday season. When you purchase a tree from us, we will cut a quarter inch off the base to help it take up water. If you do not plan to decorate your tree immediately, it is best to keep the tree outside, away from the direct path of wind and sun, and in a bucket of water to feed it. Be sure to make another cut before placing the tree in your stand if you do not decorate immediately. Make a cut a minimum of one quarter inch off the base of the trunk to help the tree take in fresh water. 

Place the tree with a freshly cut base in your tree stand and immediately water it. If the water level drops below the stem base, a seal will form over the stem, making its ability to take in water difficult. Be sure to always keep your tree well watered! It's best to use a stand that can hold a gallon or more of water, as most trees can take in 2 or more gallons of water a day.

Poinsettias - The Christmas Plant

Christmas Pointsettias
Caring for your Poinsettia
Poinsettia's like moderately bright light, but will tolerate low light. They require a good amount of water, so make sure you water thoroughly when the soil feels dry to the touch. Keep your plant's soil moderately moist at all times.

Poinsettias prefer to be kept in a moderate temperature, 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the days and 60-65 degrees at night. Avoid putting your plant in extremely hot or cold areas.

Periodic feeding of fertilizer, according to the manufacturer's directions, will help prolong the life of your poinsettia. To keep a brightly colored plant and avoid the flower buds from dropping, keep your poinsettia exposed to bright light and cool night temperatures.